Ivy St / Picture Machine

Picture Machine by IVYST

“…very 1981, with bludgeoning bass and hysterical vocals, but it is powerful and confident and melodically well grounded - Robert Forster, The Monthly 

“Easily one of the finest local debuts of the year”- Jonny, Polaroids of Androids 

“Ivy St is the latest group in a lineage that includes the likes of the Sea Scouts, 50 Million Clowns, The Frustrations and Little Ugly Girls; musicians who channel the experience of growing up in small towns, among peers with closed minds and conservative attitudes, and communicate these feelings in stark sounds and language” - Rene Schaefer, Mess + Noise 

“One of the most exciting bands to come out of the Apple Isle I’ve head in quite a while… all wrapped up in a sound I’m sure Steve Albini would love to get his hands on.” - Dom Alessio, JJJ 

“Nasty, in that late 70s/2010 Melbourne way. Full of challenges and silence.” - Everett True